NEWS | Feb. 1, 2019

CW5 Message

We just had a great winter, for those into winter sports. Even with the great snow base we will most likely avoid floods and weather damage that other areas of the country have experienced. We have been blessed with needed water which will come in handy this summer.

We welcomed home the 65th Field Artillery Brigade from the Middle East which was a momentous occasion. This is a unit who displayed exceptional technical expertise throughout their deployment. They have been highly praised about their expertise in mission command and fires at the highest levels of the Army. Congratulations to them, great work!

We are now starting into the largest training time frame of the year. We need to make sure we are taking every opportunity to make sure we are taking full advantage of our training time to master our warfighting lines of effort and being that tactical technical expert.

For the rest of this fiscal year, and most likely the next, we will continue to hear of potential changes and start to see some of those changes come to fruition. Embrace the change, look for opportunities to excel and keep a positive attitude. As you learn new doctrine and receive new equipment make sure you are taking every opportunity to master them and be an expert.

Continue to take care of your families. Without them it is impossible to be an effective Soldier. Watch out for your fellow Soldiers because they are your family too!