NEWS | Nov. 1, 2019

CSM Message

By Command Sgt. Maj. Eric Anderson UTNG

Today I would like to touch briefly on leadership. First, in my 30 years of service I have never felt as good about my leaders as I do today. From Gov. Herbert to Maj. Gen. Burton, and on down the line, we are very fortunate. I know these senior leaders will do the right thing every time and am impressed with the care and concern they show as they go about their daily duties. I hope you have the same confidence in your leadership at every echelon. Something you learn about leadership as you progress is this really isn’t about us or them, it is about the organization, mission, and most importantly the service members we serve.

The three competencies of leadership are leads, develops, and achieves. We have many great leaders that lead and achieve, but sometimes developing is left to happenstance. I challenge all of you to focus your efforts on the deliberate development of our upcoming leaders in this great state. Too often the development is left to operational experiences and challenges; reactionary if you will. We are better leaders when we take time to develop that person through counseling, mentorship, example, and guidance. The more deliberate we are, the quicker we get that leader working at the highest level. I promise the time and effort will pay off. As you are working towards this goal, realize this is a continual process. Persistence in this area must outlast the resistance! Leave our organization and our Soldiers/Airmen better than you found them.


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