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NEWS | March 18, 2020

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By Brig. Gen. Michael J. Turley UTNG

Soldiers, Airmen, and families of the Utah National Guard,

Over the last few days our state has experienced not just one major disruption to the community with the COVID-19 Pandemic, but a second this morning with a 5.7 earthquake and aftershocks that may continue sporadically for a short time.

Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our service members.  As you may be the most resourceful person within your circle of families and friends, help them to feel confident and secure. We will push out information as we get it to help you stay on top of the situation for them. Your commanders will be empowered to help where they can but stay engaged with your teammates, reach out so that you can help and seek help as needs arise. Bottom line--you are the bedrock of readiness and resiliency within your family, among your friends, and in the Guard. We are all better when we work as a team.

Rest assured, the Utah National Guard is prepared and ready to support our state in whatever need may arise. We are also working closely with the State Emergency Operations Center, monitoring each incident and its potential effect on the community.  Our facilities and units are staffed and ready for mission success wherever they are required.  

With rumors and misinformation being passed around the internet and social media like wildfire, please take the time to reassure your friends and loved ones of the steady confidence we have in taking care of our citizens.  Only pass information that you know is accurate. Help to dispel rumors and half-truths. Truth is a powerful tool to help our loved ones remain calm and assured. If you are interested in knowing exactly what the Utah National Guard is currently doing with regards to COVID-19 or the earthquake, we update our Twitter feed, @UTNationalGuard, almost instantly as things are happening.  We also have more detailed information and trusted links on our website,, that we encourage you to follow and share with others.

Thank you all!  

Now let's take a breath, pull our loved ones close, and prepare to help our fellow citizens with poise and confidence.


Michael J. Turley
Brigadier General
Utah National Guard
The Adjutant General