FACTSHEET | March 10, 2020

Guidance & Updates from the Human Resources Office

COVID-19 Update

Telework: Employees must occupy telework-ready positions and have a current telework agreement. DoD Components should immediately review their current telework policies and ensure that written telework agreements are in place for as many employees as possible. UTNG supervisors are strongly encouraged to sign telework agreements with all telework eligible employees currently without a signed telework agreement.

Alternative Work Schedules: Alternative work schedules (i.e., compressed and flexible work schedules) must be authorized through the HRO adhering to current policy. Where civilian employees are represented by a labor union, a collective bargaining agreement must authorize such schedules.

Weather and Safety Leave:

Supervisors must authorize weather and safety leave when:

  • An asymptomatic employee is subject to movement restrictions and is not a telework program participant.
  • An asymptomatic employee who is otherwise unable to safely travel to or perform duties at the worksite, as determined by their supervisor, and is not a telework program participant.

Supervisors generally may not authorize weather and safety leave to employees who are telework program participants.

Other Leave Flexibilities:

  • Sick leave. If an employee is symptomatic and unable to perform official duties, the employee must use accrued sick leave. Weather and safety leave would not be appropriate. Employees may also use sick leave up to 104 hours to provide care for a family member who is ill. Advanced sick leave may be authorized.
  • Annual leave. Employees may use accrued annual leave for any reason, subject to leadership’s discretion to approve and schedule such time. Advanced annual leave may be authorized.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Employees may take FMLA leave up to a total of 12 workweeks of leave without pay for a serious health condition to care for themselves or a qualifying family member. Certain eligibility and restrictions apply.