FACTSHEET | March 11, 2020

Health and Human Services

COVID-19 Update 02


  • The COVID-19 outbreak is evolving rapidly, and the U.S. government is constantly making adjustments to respond to the changing nature of this global public health emergency with a goal of continuing to slow the introduction of the virus into the United States and prepare our communities for more cases and possible sustained spread.

  • Extensive work has been done over the past 15 years in the United States to prepare for an influenza pandemic, and influenza pandemic preparedness platforms and plans are appropriate for the current COVID-19 outbreak and pre-pandemic phase.

  • Public health partners are encouraged to review their pandemic preparedness plans and begin planning for community spread. CDC has updated pre-pandemic planning guidelines for community mitigation strategies, including non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs), which are used to plan and prepare for a flu pandemic, and should be used for COVID-19.