FACTSHEET | April 13, 2020

Families First Coronavirus Response Act-Dept of Labor

Click here for PDF view: 2 WEEKS PAID SICK LEAVE

1.  All employees receive 2 weeks paid sick leave.  

2.  NG employees must have been employed 30 days or more to qualify

4.  ATAAPS Time Card Coding Included


1.  Both types leave may be utilized from 01 Apr 2020 -02 Dec 2020

2. Emergency Family and Medical Leave (very few people will qualify for this
- see attachment 4 for table on who qualifies)
-up to 10 weeks of paid leave at 2/3 rate of pay

3.  Emergency Paid Sick leave
-up to 80 hours of paid leave either at full salary or 2/3 rate of
pay--Reason Code will determine which ( see attachment 4)

It is important to note that FFCRA has a maximum amount that is payable. An
employee who elects to use this entitlement may have better leave options
available to them by using regular sick leave, annual leave, advanced
annual, or other types of paid leave applicable to the situation.
Additionally, DFAS will initially pay the employee their full rate of pay
and then recoup the overpayment as a debt at an unknown later date.

If you are looking to utilize this leave and have any questions, please
contact HRO and let us assist you.


Susan L. Melton, Col, UTANG
J1/Human Resources Director
Email:  susan.l.melton2.mil@mail.mil
O - (801) 432-4499
C - (801) 558-2373