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Military Funeral Honors

Master Sgt. Matthew Raines, Utah National Guard Honor Guard:
Office: 1 (801) 878-5891 Cell: 1(801) 716-9001 Email:

Service Branch Contact Numbers
Army (Local): 801-803-1581 or 801-878-5791/5891
Army Casualty Assistance Center: 719-526-5613
Navy Casualty Assistance Center: 800-326 9631
Marines Casualty Assistance Center: 866-826-3628
Air Force Casualty Assistance Center: 801-777-3967 or 202-330-1436 (Southern Utah)

Mission : To provide the highest possible level of Final Honors to the deserving families of those who have honorably and faithfully served our country.


A:  The rendering of Military Honors for United States Armed Forces veterans is a tribute that our veterans and their families justly deserve.

Section 578 of the National Defense Authorization Act requires the Department of Defense to provide, upon request, Military Funeral Honors for all eligible veterans.

Any person (Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserve) who has completed at least one enlistment or other obligated military service and received an honorable discharge is eligible for military funeral honors. 

Military Funeral Honors may not be furnished for any individual convicted of a capital offense under federal or state law for which the person was sentenced to death or life without parole.

A:  Fill out the following form and send it along with the verification of honorable service, i.e. DD 214 or letter of discharge, via fax at 1 (801) 254-8840 or via email to ng.ut.utarng.list.military-funeral-honors@army.mil

A:  Any of the following forms can be used to verify service.

  • DD Form 214 for Active Duty or Reserve Components
  • NGB Form 22 for National Guard Soldiers
  • Certificate of Honorable Discharge (All)
  • VA letter verifying service (All)

A:  Military Funeral Honors are provided at no cost to the deserving families of our military veterans

A:  Family members of the deceased veteran should notify the funeral director of their desire to have military funeral honors rendered at the internment of their loved one.  The funeral director should contact the appropriate military branch casualty assistance office.

A:  The following options may apply to acquiring documentation

  • Go to archives.gov
  • Contact the VA for letter
  • Contact State Headquarters for National Guard

A:  Final Military Honors may be performed one time only at one of the following.

  • At the Gravesite Service
  • At a Church Service
  • As a Memorial Service at a location requested by the NOK


A:  There are numerous religious services that may be conducted during a funeral. 

The four most common Funerals we see in Utah are:

  • Catholic
  • Jewish
  • LDS
  • Non-Denominational

Each religion has a different format to the service.

Depending on the type of service, religion, and other considerations, Military Funeral Honors may request to go first.

  • Veterans Service Organization (VSO) involvement
  • Specific Religious Ceremonies
  • Amount of follow-on missions the MFH team has

A:  The following variations of Military Honors may be rendered for an eligible deceased veteran.  The number of personnel assigned to the team is determined by the current policy and availability of personnel.

  • Basic Military Honors
  • Modified Full Military Honors
  • Full Military Honors

A:  Designated for eligible a Non-Retired Armed Forces Veteran with Honors performed by a two Soldier team.

The ceremony includes the following:

  • Sounding of TAPS
  • Burial Flag folding (Two-man) and presentation

A:  Designated for eligible deceased Retired service member, National Guard or Reserve Soldier (Not Killed in Action), or Active Duty Soldier (Not Killed in Action) will receive Modified Full Honors consisting of a seven Soldier team.

The ceremony may include the following:

  • Casket or Urn Bearers (Not Required)
  • Sounding of TAPS
  • Firing of three rifle volleys (3-5 Weapons)
  • Burial Flag folding and Presentation


A:  Designated for a service member killed in action, a Medal of Honor recipient, a General Officer, a Chief Warrant Officer 5th Class, or a Sergeant Major. Ceremony may consist of up to twenty one (21) personnel

The ceremony may include the following:

  • Casket or Urn Bearers
  • Sounding of TAPS
  • Firing of three rifle volleys (5-7 weapons)
  • Burial Flag Folding and Presentation
  • Color guard
  • Chaplain

A:  In order to meet the increasing demand for Military Funeral Honors, the Utah Army National Guard may partner with VSOs to provide each veteran and their family their richly deserved Military Funeral Honors.

A:  Typically Military Honors is performed by the branch of service member at the time of discharge.

Service branches may request assistance from other branches of service to assist in Military Honors as needed.

A:  Service Branch Contact Numbers:


Army (Local):                                                 801-803-1581 or 801-878-5791/5891

Army Casualty Assistance Center:             719-526-5613

Navy Casualty Assistance Center:              800-326 9631

Marines Casualty Assistance Center:        866-826-3628

Air Force Casualty Assistance Center:      801-777-3967 or 202-330-1436 (Southern Utah)

A: Yes, we love to work with local groups to train Honors. Please contact Master Sergeant Jeremy Smith at Office: 801-878-5891 or Cell: 801-716-9001 or via email at jeremy.c.smith4.mil@army.mil to coordinate training.

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