Utah Guard Activated by Order of the Governor

By Sgt. Nathaniel Free, 801-716-9162 | Public Affairs Office | May 31, 2020


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Approximately 200 members of the Utah National Guard were activated by order of Utah Governor, Gary R. Herbert, to assist law enforcement agencies in protecting life and property in Salt Lake City, May 30, 2020. Peaceful protests began Saturday, 11 a.m. in SLC following the death of George Floyd, an African-American man from Minneapolis who died in police custody. When the SLC protests turned violent, Herbert issued an Executive Order, activating the Utah National Guard to help safeguard lives, protect property and maintain peace.

“We condemn violence and looting,” Herbert said in a tweet. “I have activated the National Guard to help control the escalating situation in downtown Salt Lake City. I once again call on all who are protesting to do so peacefully.”

In less than an hour, UTNG was ready to respond.

“We have activated Soldiers and Airmen from the Utah National Guard to support local law enforcement to preserve life and protect property,” said Brig. Gen. Michael J. Turley, adjutant general, Utah National Guard, in an official statement released Saturday. “We are trained to provide support to civil authorities during various types of emergencies. We are fellow citizens; we are your neighbors; we support our law enforcement partners and fellow Utahns.”

Nearly 30 Airmen from the Utah Air National Guard’s 151st Security Forces Squadron and approximately 150 Soldiers from the Utah Army National Guard’s Reaction Force assisted law enforcement at several key locations around Salt Lake City throughout the night.

“I am grateful to the Airmen of the Utah Air National Guard for their readiness and quick response to the governor’s request for support to local civilian jurisdictions and responders,” said Col. Kurt Davis, 151st Air Refueling Wing commander.

“Our personnel are the cornerstone of the National Guard and I appreciate the coordination and professionalism displayed as they helped to maintain safety and peace during a tumultuous time,” Davis continued. “This is the type of thing we train for, and are ready to assist our community and help where we can.”

The mission of Utah Air National Guard’s 151st Security Forces Squadron “Defenders” is to enforce the law at Wright Air National Guard Base in Salt Lake City, but they can also be called up by the governor to respond to a crisis at a moment's notice.

“I started receiving phone calls around five o’clock, and within the hour, we were ready to respond,” said Lt. Col. Bruce Lewis, commander of the 151 SFS. “I can not express enough how proud I am of the 151 SFS ‘Defenders.’ Over the last five years, they have trained with the Utah Department of Public Safety and Salt Lake City Police Department, and it paid off last night. The rapid response, the seamless integration, and the professionalism of our Airmen is what the city needed. We were trained and ready to respond.”

During the night, UTNG assisted law enforcement after Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall issued a city-wide curfew, which extended from 8 p.m. May 30, to 6 a.m. June 1, 2020.

“In response to the violence and destruction of property in Salt Lake City today, I have issued a curfew that will apply to all of SLC extending from 8 p.m. tonight until 6 a.m. Monday morning,” Mendenhall announced in a tweet.

Members of the UTNG remain ready to face any crisis in a wide array of unique capabilities, from law enforcement and civil support to medical care, working right alongside civilian law enforcement agencies and emergency responders. Many of the specially trained Soldiers in the National Guard Response Force are from the 142nd Military Intelligence Battalion, able to provide Utah with a rapid response capability, focused on incidents requiring law enforcement or security support.

“I couldn't be more proud of our Soldiers,” said Lt. Col. Scott Chalmers, commander, 142nd MI Battalion. “They truly define what it means to be a citizen-Soldier.”

The NGRF is designed to respond to an incident ahead of federal assets, capable of delivering an initial force of 75-125 personnel within eight hours.

“This year alone, members of the 142nd MI Battalion deployed back east in support of federal missions and to the Southwest Border,” Chalmers said. “When the governor called, Soldiers from across the state dropped barbecues, picnics, camping trips, and family outings and showed up in record time."

The NGRF mobilized in less than four hours, with Soldiers geared up, loaded, and traveling to augment local law enforcement.

Chalmers said Soldiers from the 142ND MI worked all through the night, standing guard at key infrastructures throughout Salt Lake City, to augment law enforcement.

"They continue to stand ready for as long as the governor needs them.”

While working alongside law enforcement during a time of civil unrest in Salt Lake City, UTNG also continues to support the state’s response to COVID-19 with mobile testing sites, document translation, and the governor’s PPE Push Pack initiative, ensuring local businesses have proper personal protective equipment to reopen the economy.









Approximately 200 Utah National Guard Soldiers returned to Salt Lake City, Sunday, June 7, 2020 following an activation at the request of the Secretary of Defense to augment civil authorities in Washington, D.C. amid civil unrest. Soldiers from Group Support Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne) spent five days in D.C. providing security at national monuments and assisting in cleanup efforts.
Utah Army National Guard’s “Monuments Men” return to Salt Lake City following D.C. civil unrest
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Approximately 200 Utah Army National Guard Soldiers returned home to Salt Lake City, Utah, June 7,

A Utah National Guard Mobile Testing Team member conducts a nasopharyngeal sample collection on a Soldier in Salt Lake City to test if they are a carrier of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, May 27, 2020. To collect a sample a flocked swab is sent through the nasal cavity and will stay there for 20 seconds, be twisted and removed.
Protecting the Force
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The Utah National Guard’s Mobile Testing Team administered nasopharyngeal swabs, testing Soldiers

Members of Utah's 85th Weapons of Mass Destruction, Civil Support Team (CST), Hawaii's 93rd CST, Guam's 94th CST and Alaska's 103rd CST train for disaster support on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.
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Members of the Utah National Guard's 85th Civil Support team respond to a myriad of situations including chemical spills, drug epidemics, nuclear detection and more, the mission of the CST is broad, but indispensable.

U.S. Army National Guard Soldiers and Airmen, assigned to the Utah National Guard, participate in medical training as a response force to Covid-19 in Sandy, Utah, May 12, 2020. Soldiers and Airmen with Utah National Guard will be assisting medical professionals in mobile Corona Virus test sites around the state as a service to Utah Residents. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Pfc. Jacob Jesperson)
Utah National Guard Supports Utah Department of Health with COVID-19 Response
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More than 100 soldiers and airmen from the Utah National Guard arrived at the Mountain America Expo

As of May 14, 2020, the Utah National Guard has packaged 487,419 items of PPE, and delivered 45,066 packages to 3,601 businesses across Utah, from an improvised warehouse at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The Utah National Guard will continue to receive, stage and ship items of PPE to businesses across the state.
The Utah National Guard Helps Reopen Local Economy
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In a warehouse-sized dock at the back of the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

A Black Hawk helicopter crew from 2nd General Aviation Support Battalion, 211th Aviation Regiment, Utah National Guard drops water on the Saddle Fire in Midway, Utah, May 14, 2020. Two UH-60 Black Hawks were in the air above Midway by 9 a.m. and dropped 85 to 90 bucket loads of water on the fire.
Utah Guard Aviation Fights Saddle Fire
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Black Hawk helicopter aircrews from 2nd General Aviation Support Battalion, 211th Aviation Regiment,

Soldiers assigned to the Utah National Guard's 1st Battalion, 211th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, Aviation Regiment, depart the Army Aviation Support Facility, West Jordan, Utah, May 7, 2020. The battalion, comprised of three companies of AH-64 Apache helicopters and more than 300 soldiers, will provide combat air support to ground forces during the year-long deployment. (Utah National Guard photo by Ileen.Kennedy)
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In this time of crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic, approximately 300 Utah National Guard Soldiers

On April 16, 2020, Pvt. 1st Class Hope Torok took the final step to join the Utah National Guard, during one of the worst weeks of coronavirus-related deaths in the U.S.
“I’ve worked in retail pretty much all of my working years,” Torok explained. “During Covid-19 in March, I was furloughed from my work since it is considered a non-essential job.”
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Spc. Kalani Bedell, a parachute rigger from the 19th Special Forces Group sews together two layers of fabric in this stage of mask production to protect Utah National Guard Soldiers during the Covid-19 Pandemic April 15, 2020 on Camp Williams. Masks are based on instructions from University of Florida Health, two layers of tightly woven cotton fabric. U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. Ariel J. Solomon
Parachute Riggers Make Face Masks to Protect the Utah National Guard
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To slow the spread of COVID-19 among Soldiers and Airmen in the Utah National Guard, parachute

Service members assigned to the 204th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, Utah Army National Guard, conduct a meeting via video teleconference April 19, 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 204th MEB is among the first National Guard units in the nation to conduct a teleworking drill or
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