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640th Regiment, Regional Training Institute

Unit Contact:  (801) 878-5133
Location: TASS Building, 17800 South Camp Williams Road, Bluffdale, UT 84065

For course information and dates:  ATRRS.ARMY.MIL

Due to the current world situation regarding COVID-19, the 640th Regiment (RTI) will no longer conduct the following courses:

  • BASIC LEADER (BLC) Class 006 Date: 02-24 April
  • BATTLE STAFF NCO  (BSNCO) Class: 006 Date: 02-24 April
  • FA CANNON SECTION CHIEF ALC (13B30) Class: 004 PH 1-2 Date: 26 March - 20 April
  • JOINT FIRES OBSERVER (JFO) Class: 005 Date: 13-24 April
  • NTELLIGENCE ANALYST (35F10) Class: 003 PH 2-4 Date: 10 April - 24 May

Please monitor ATRRS for developing information on updated course dates.  Contact your unit training NCO for information about course reenrollments.

Mission:  Provide institutional training identified by NGB-TRI, the ARPRINT for the ARNG, USAR, and AC in support of the Army’s Modular Force.  Provides national coordinating authority, QA, scheduling and accreditation assistance for functionally aligned ARNG elements within OASS.  Provide operational, training, administrative, logistical, and resource management support to train the Army Warrior within each respective state or territory as specified and approved by the adjutant general. 

Command Vision:  The 640th Regiment RTI is the premier institutional training organization in the United States Army that provides the most relevant, rigorous, and realistic professional military education possible to the operational force.

Endstate: The 640th RTI remains an asset to all Army COMPOs and continues to enhance strategic relationships with stakeholders. The 640th RTI is recognized as the premier schoolhouse in the nation due to excellent facilities, outstanding instruction, cutting-edge technology and employment of instructors of the highest caliber. We will remain the “Go-to-RTI” for NGB, TRADOC and our proponents. We will continue to be Military Intelligence Training SME for NGB.

The following Battalions fall under the 640th Regiment:


Members of the Utah National Guard's 640th Regiment, Regional Training Institute went head-to-head at a Best Warrior Competition held January 4-5, 2020, at Camp Williams, Utah, for a chance to claim the RTI's titles of NCO of the Year and Senior NCO of the Year. Staff Sgt. Sams ruck marches 8.5 kilometers through undulating terrain.
The Best Warriors of Fire and Sword
By Master Sgt. Clint Markland | Jan. 8, 2020
The 640th Regiment, Regional Training Institute, conducted a robust Best Warrior Competition on