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2nd BN, 640th Regiment (RTI) - Signal


BN Leadership Contact
2nd BN NCOIC - 801-878-5536
2nd BN Chief of Training - 801-878-5264

Welcome Letters

Course List & ATRRS Course Numbers

(Course Catalog)
FY: October 1 - September 30
School Code: 956
Information Technology Specialist - 113-25B10 (R1)
Information Technology Specialist ALC - 113-25B30-C45 (NS1) / 113-25B30-C45 (VL) (NS1)
Information Technology Specialist SLC - 113-25B40-C46 (NS1) / 113-25B40-C46 (VL) (NS1)

Ruck March Challenge

Don't forget to bring your ruck sack to the course! The 640th Regiment (Regional Training Institute) invites you to participate in 26.2 mile ruck march challenge. While attending our courses, complete a total of 26.2 miles with at least 35 lbs. and earn the participant medal of completion. Do it all at once or break it up into shorter routes completed over a period of time. For details go to our Ruck Page.

Welcome to 2nd Battalion of the 640th Regiment (Regional Training Institute)! 

The signal and modular battalion teaches transition and noncommissioned officer leadership courses in information technology. The battalion has been teaching such courses since 2009 and continues to generate readiness in individual training for all three components of the Army.