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Welcome Letter to Students

1.  You may be in either a “Reserved” or “Wait” status to attend a Military Intelligence Course at Camp Williams, UT. If you are in a “Wait” status, do NOT report to in-processing unless your unit has made appropriate coordination and received written approval from Course Management ahead of time. You must be in a “Reserved” status to report to in-processing. If you report to in-processing while in a “wait” status and your unit has not made the appropriate coordination, you may be denied enrollment and returned to your unit. DO NOT proceed from your location without satisfying the prerequisites for the course you are attending (found in the Course Information Addendum). Bring the required verification documents. Any Soldier who arrives as a “walk-on” student will be given last priority for any seats available.
2. Transportation. You must coordinate your transportation to Army Garrison Camp Williams (AGCW) by sending your itinerary to your course manager. Transportation will not be provided from the airport without an itinerary. You should plan your arrival to Camp Williams at 1500 hours for an accountability at Building 3070. If you cannot arrive prior to 1500 hours please contact your course manager. Transportation will only be made available to those who coordinate in advance. Coordination instructions for pick-up will be made available to requesting individuals upon receipt of your travel itinerary. The cost for a taxi service to the installation is approximately $90.00 one way and may be reimbursable on your travel voucher, if coordinated with your unit.
3. Rental Cars and POV. Due to the remote location of Camp Williams, coupled with the fact there is no on or off-post transportation, it is highly recommended that you request authorization to bring your POV or have a rental car authorized on your orders. Though this is a recommendation, it is not mandatory for attendance of any course offered in 4th BN, and authorization must be obtained from your home unit. 
4. Billeting: Students residing outside of 50 miles of Camp Williams may be afforded Billeting at $22 per night. Students that reside within 50 miles of Camp Williams may stay in Billeting while attending the course, if available, at an out-of-pocket expense that may or may not be reimbursed by your unit. Schoolhouse cadre will secure room reservations for the class, but you must confirm your reservation individually with the billeting office prior to your arrival at Camp Williams. The Billeting office phone number is (801) 878-5410 and is open Monday through Friday 0900-1700 Mountain Time, Saturday and Sunday from 0900-1500. You will register a credit card, preferably a Government Credit Card (GOVCC), with billeting upon check-in. If you do not have a GOVCC, you will be required to leave a deposit. Linen will be provided unless you choose to use your own.
5. Travel Day (Day Zero). On your travel day at 1500 hours, report to building 3070 on Camp Williams to sign in and receive further instruction by the course cadre. Uniform is appropriate civilian attire. Students must park vehicles on the east side of Building 3070 in the dirt parking lot. This dirt parking lot is where student vehicles are to be parked throughout the entirety of the course.
6. Day One. In-processing will begin at 0600 on the first day of class in building 3030 east entrance foyer. Uniform requirements will be communicated the day previous. Required documents at in-processing are as follows:
• DD 1610 (DTS order) authorizing training attendance (or pay order for local Soldiers)
• DA 3349 Physical Profile if applicable (no temporary profiles for NCOES)
• DA 1059 for prerequisite courses
• Proof of MOS for all PME courses (e.g. DA 1059, DD 214, MOS Order)
• Applicable waivers
• Contact phone numbers for your unit 1SG, Commander, and unit administrator.
• DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge certificate (must be less than one year old by the completion of the course, the web address that you can use to complete the training is here:
Additional documents or further instruction may be annotated in the Course Information Memo for your specific course.
7. The PRCL should be completed by your unit in ATRRS prior to arrival at the training site. If your unit is unable to complete the PRCL, you must bring a Pre-Execution Checklist signed by your commander.
8. Clearance. You MUST have US Access of Top Secret (TS) listed in JPAS as well as be READ ON to SCI before arrival at the 640th RTI. If you do not have a TS you may be denied enrollment and be immediately returned to your unit; the 72 hour rule does not apply. Contact your local Site Security Officer/J2/G2/S2 to confirm your caveats. If you are enrolled in Continuous Evaluation (CE) you must bring proof of enrollment. You must also have a current Common Access Card (CAC) and know your PIN. Ensure the card is valid throughout the entirety of your course.
9. Return travel. DO NOT book your RETURN flight home prior to 0800 hours the final day of orders. Individuals driving out of state must wait until the day of travel to depart.
10. Uniform. Should the 640th RTI deem the weather too cold for wearing the patrol cap, the only authorized cold weather headgear for the 640th RTI is the micro-fleece cap. Fall and winter in Utah is generally from September to late March. Temperatures ranging from below freezing to mid-40 during the day and stay below freezing at night. Spring and summer is generally from April to September. Temperatures range from 80 to 105 degrees during the day and low 60s at night. It is recommended you bring civilian clothing for non-POI time. Dress appropriately.
11. MWR and Amenities. Camp Williams billeting has wireless internet capability, free of charge, for those staying on post; you are encouraged to bring electronic devices capable of utilizing this service. The Internet connection is capable of allowing e-mail communication, but is not sufficient to perform tasks such as streaming video. Computer labs at Building 3030 are also available for research and personal use. Laundry facilities are readily available on AGCW at no cost to the student. There is a fitness center on AGCW as well as an AAFES Post Exchange/Class VI.
12. Student Contact Info. If there is an emergency and it becomes necessary to contact you during training hours you may be contacted via the Course Manager. If an emergency is severe enough to cause you to leave the course, an official notice will need to be sent to the 640th RTI through the American Red Cross. You may use your personal cellular phone during lunch or in the evenings once training has concluded for the day. Following is your mailing address while at the Military Intelligence Training Battalion:
Rank Your Name
(your course) Class #___-______
4/640th Regiment (RTI), 17800 Camp Williams Road
Bluffdale, UT 84065
13. College Credit Opportunities. 4th BN, 640th Regiment (RTI) has partnered with both Utah Valley University and Cochise Community College to provide college credits for completion of military intelligence courses attended at Camp Williams. Questions about either program can be directed to the Course Manager for the course you are attending.
a. Utah Valley University is the largest University in the State of Utah. It is accredited by the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities and offers Master’s, Bachelor’s and Associate degrees. Credits are awarded from the National Security Studies Program currently offered at UVU. Charges include an admission application of $35, with subsequent tuition charges of $20/credit hour (a 90% discount from the standard tuition rate).
b. Cochise College is a Community College located in Sierra Vista, Arizona. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. Registration and tuition fees for Cochise College credits are a flat rate of $60 for any military intelligence course attended.
14. Per Diem. Students will receive meal cards, and be given access to the DFAC on Camp Williams. M&IE per diem allowance will not be required on their DTS, except for the $5 incidental. During certain phases, the 35M10 and 35L20 courses conduct operations off-post. A Statement of Non-Availability (SNA) Memorandum will be provided to cover a lunch meal for each of 7 days, in the case of 35M10, and 33 days for 35L20. We recommend building your authorization to cover full per diem on 7 (35M10) or 33 (35L20) days as applicable to cover those meal costs. Graduates of the course will receive the SNA Memorandums in their graduation packet along with their certificates and academic evaluation reports.