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4th Battalion, 640th RTI (Military Intelligence)

801-878-5460    4th BN Chief
801-878-5276    4th BN Ops NCOIC
801-878-5274    35F10/30 Course Manager:  
801-878-5547    35L20 Course Manager  
801-878-5459    35M10/30 Course Manager 
801-878-5277    35CMF40 Course Manager
801-878-5780    35P30 Course Manager

Mission: The mission of 4th Battalion, 640th Regiment (Regional Training Institute) is to provide institutional military intelligence training identified by NGB-TRI, the ARPRINT for the ARNG, USAR, and AC in support of the Army's Modular Force.  The military intelligence battalion strives to provide the most relevant, rigorous, and realistic professional military education possible to the operational force. 

Courses taught by 4th Battalion include:

MOS-Transition Courses of an All-Source Intelligence Analyst 

Human Intelligence Collector 

Counterintelligence Special Agent 


Professional Military Education Courses taught by 4th Battalion include:

All-Source Intelligence Analyst Advanced Leader Course 

Human Intelligence Collector Advanced Leader Course 

Cryptographic Linguist Advanced Leader Course 

35 Career Management Field Senior Leader Course


For course information and dates:  ATRRS.ARMY.MIL

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