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640th Regiment (RTI)


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ATRRS Web Link: https://www.atrrs.army.mil/Default.aspx (Course Catalog)

FY: October 1 - September 30

School Code: 956

Location: TASS Building 7150, 17800 South Redwood Road, Riverton, UT 84065

Operations Desk:  (801) 878-5133

WI-FI is provided by BitStream and is provided for guests in chargeable quarters

Mailing Address:

Course/Unit/ BLDG/Room
17800 South Redwood Road
Bluffdale, UT 84065-4999


Members of the Utah National Guard's 640th Regiment, Regional Training Institute went head-to-head at a Best Warrior Competition held January 4-5, 2020, at Camp Williams, Utah, for a chance to claim the RTI's titles of NCO of the Year and Senior NCO of the Year. Staff Sgt. Sams ruck marches 8.5 kilometers through undulating terrain.
The Best Warriors of Fire and Sword
By Master Sgt. Clint Markland | Jan. 8, 2020
The 640th Regiment, Regional Training Institute, conducted a robust Best Warrior Competition on January 4-5, 2020, at Camp Williams, Utah, to select and train the best Soldier, Noncommissioned Officer, and Senior NCO to...

640th Regiment (RTI) History