HHD, 640th Regiment (RTI) 

- 640th Regiment DFAC -

Building 7150

Dietary Needs Form

Dining Facility General Hours
Breakfast: 0600-0700
Lunch: 1200-1300
Dinner: 1630-1730
BLC Dining Hours
BLC Breakfast: 0700 - 0800
BLC Lunch: 1100 - 1200
BLC Dinner: 1730 - 1830
DFAC Manager
Phone: 801-878-5505
Email: 640thRTIDFAC@army.mil
If you have a personal lifestyle dietary choice, such as, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, religious, etc. Please understand that we have a select menu to abide by and will NOT be able to provide or cater to all necessary life choice needs.
If dietary need is medical/allergy or religious, please provide documentation from either a certified physician or a chaplain when submitting this form.