When you join the Guard, you create a world where goals are within your grasp. It’s not easy, but you’ll overcome whatever challenge is laid out before you.

Get a degree with money for school, learn job skills that translate to the civilian world, make bonds that last a lifetime and earn pride for life. When you become a Guard Soldier, your family will thank you, your country will thank you and your future will owe you.



You will be paid for every day you serve, whether in training, weekend drills, Annual Training or deployment. Your rank, job (MOS) and education level will determine your specific pay level. The higher you go, the more you make. And the more time you serve, the more you earn.


Most Soldiers serve because they want to give back to their country. Then they find out that being part of the National Guard comes with other rewards. Beyond earning additional pay and getting help with their education costs, Soldiers and Veterans—and their families—enjoy even more real benefits, such as inexpensive healthcare through the TRICARE system and low-cost life insurance that pays up to $400,000. Take care of your health, your family and your future.


Guard members may be eligible for home loans from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with little to no down payment. VA loans make buying a home more affordable and are available for home purchases and refinances. A VA loan eliminates the homebuyer's need to make a down payment and purchase private mortgage insurance for homes up to $510,400

VA-guaranteed loans are made by private lenders such as banks, savings and loans, or mortgage companies to eligible Veterans for the purchase of their own personal home, which must be for occupancy. To obtain a loan, a Veteran must apply to a lender. If the loan is approved, the VA will guarantee a portion of it to the lender. This guarantee protects the lender against loss up to the amount guaranteed and allows a Veteran to obtain favorable financing terms.

Qualified Veterans need to obtain a certificate of eligibility from the VA, or your lender may be able to obtain one for you online. Members with six or more years of Guard service, or those with 90 days of continuous federal Active Duty service (Title 10), are eligible for the "VA Home Loan Insurance Program." Explore your options online at HomeLoans.VA.gov.


Joining the Guard gives you more than just the pride that comes from serving your country. You can earn benefits to help pay for your education and expenses, and you can complete your education while you serve. The National Guard offers many programs for every type of student, whether you're still in high school, attending college or working toward a vocational certification. Take advantage of your federal and/or state tuition assistance, and your GI Bill® benefits, to pay for school while you earn your degree 


You probably won't be thinking about retirement for many years, but think about this: The Guard can continue to pay you every month if you have 20 years service while serving in the Guard by age 60 (including service in other branches). And considering that retirement will probably mean time to travel, play or even start a second business, financial security would be a nice part of your plan.

And it's a pretty simple plan. If you complete a standard part-time term in the Guard by age 60, you could be eligible to receive monthly payments* based on serving one weekend per month plus an additional 15 days per year, for 20 years.

This is on top of any benefits from your civilian career. You'll still receive those and any other retirement funds you may have coming. So, you can see how it all adds up. Serving part time in the National Guard is like money in the bank.

*Payment amounts and terms vary. To discuss retirement in greater detail, contact your local recruiter.

Note: Army National Guard programs and benefits are subject to change. For the latest information, please contact your local recruiter.