NEWS | Jan. 11, 2020

A Successful First Annual Maneuver Support Awards Dinner

By Sgt. 1st Class Rich Stowell 204th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

The 204th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade hosted its inaugural Maneuver Support Awards Dinner January 11, 2020. Eight Soldiers and a civilian were presented awards, dinner was served and the 23rd Army Band performed during the event.

“It was a spectacular success,” said Maj. Jeremy Wells, who led the team organizing the event. “We recognized some outstanding Soldiers, people had a good time and they enjoyed socializing with one another. We were able to bring all aspects of maneuver support together and build our esprit de corps. That was our commander’s intent.”

The dinner was designed as an opportunity to to reflect on the previous year.

Sgt. Caleb White, 1st Lt. Jeremiah Cowan, and Capt. Gabriel Shields received the Steel de Fleury, recognizing those individuals who have provided significant contributions to Army engineering as company grade officers and junior enlisted leaders. The medal also emphasizes the history, customs and traditions of the Corps of Engineers community.

Staff Sgt. Juan Moreno, Staff Sgt. Garth Johnson, Staff Sgt. Jose Munoz, Sgt. 1st Class Nathan Simper, Master Sgt. Glen Gardner, 1st Sgt. Jed Lundell, and Maj. Christopher Vernon were  awarded the Bronze de Fleury.

The Bronze de Fleury medal is awarded to Engineers that have consistently performed in an outstanding manner for ten years or more in positions of increasing responsibility.

Spc. Alexander Napier received the Super Sapper award as the most outstanding engineer Soldier from the 1457th Battalion.

Mrs. Melissa Young was presented with the Essayons award for “significant voluntary contributions to the morale, welfare, and spirit of engineer units and organizations.” Young is the Family Readiness Group Leader for the 115th Engineer Facilities Detachment, where her husband, Capt. Tristan Young, served as commander. 

The 1457th Engineer Battalion held an annual award dinner for ten years. This year, it became a brigade affair to bring all three aspects of maneuver support together.