204th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

204th MEB Unit PatchUnit Contact: 801-878-5103
17800 S Camp Williams Rd, Bluffdale UT, 84065


Federal Mission: The Maneuver Enhancement Brigade enables, enhances, and protects the operational and tactical freedom of action of the supported force.  It receives and integrates mission tailored forces to Brigade Combat Teams, and Support Brigades.  It commands and controls forces necessary to conduct security and functional operations in a designated area of operations in order to enable force application, focused logistics, battle space awareness, and protection.

State Mission: 204th MEB provides trained and disciplined forces, equipment, and resources in support of civil authorities in disaster relief and emergency situations or as otherwise required by the Governor of Utah and by law.  Provide command & control with diverse staff. 

Force Structure: 

  • 204th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
    • Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 204th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
    • 217th Brigade Support Battalion
    • 115th Engineer Facilities Detachment
    • 4th Infantry Division, Main Command Post Operational Detachment
  • 1457th Engineer Battalion:
    • Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 1457th Engineer Battalion
    • 1457th Forward Support Company
    • 116th Horizontal Construction Company
      • ​Detachment 1, 116th Engineer Company
  • 489th Brigade Support Battalion:
    • Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 489th Brigade Support Battalion
    • A Company, 489th DISTRO Company
    • 118th Transportation Company
      • Detachment 1, 118th Transportation Company


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