4th BN, 640th Regiment (RTI) - MI -

Army Military Intelligence Corps 3.8" Vinyl Transfer Decal

Ruck March Challenge

Don't forget to bring your ruck sack to the course! The 640th Regiment (Regional Training Institute) invites you to participate in 26.2 mile ruck march challenge. While attending our courses, complete a total of 26.2 miles with at least 35 lbs. and earn the participant medal of completion. Do it all at once or break it up into shorter routes completed over a period of time. For details go to our Ruck Page.

Welcome to 4th Battalion of the 640th Regiment (Regional Training Institute)! 

The military intelligence battalion teaches transition courses in all-source intelligence analysis, human intelligence, and counterintelligence. Advanced and senior leadership courses in the military intelligence branch are also taught. The battalion has been teaching such courses since 2005 and continues to generate readiness in individual training for all three components of the Army. Specific course dates can be found at atrrs.army.mil.


BN Leadership Contact
4th BN NCOIC - 801-878-5460
4th BN Chief of Training - 801-878-5276

Welcome Letters

35F10 Welcome Letter - 801-878-5274 
35F30 Welcome Letter  
35L20 Welcome Letter - 801-878-5547   

35M10 Welcome Letter - 801-878-5459
35CMF40 Pre-execution checklist
35P30 Welcome Letter - 801-878-5780 

Course List & ATRRS Course Numbers

FY: October 1 - September 30

School Code: 956

35F10 Intelligence Analyst - 301-35F10 (R1)
35F30 Intelligence Analyst ALC - 301-35F30-C45 (NS) / 301-35F30-C45 (VL) (NS)
35L20 Counterintelligence Agent Special Agent - 301-35L20 (R) (NS)
35M10 HUMINT Intelligence Collector - 301-35M10 (R) (NS)
35M30 HUMINT Collection Sergeant ALC - 301-35M30-C45 (NS) / 301-35M30-C45 (VL) (NS)
35P30 SIGINT Voice Interceptor ALC - 301-35P30-C45 (NS) / 301-35P30-C45 (VL) (NS)
35CMF40 Military Intelligence SLC - 301-2-35-C46 (NS) / (VL)301-2-35-C46 (VL) (NS)