Utah National Guard Community Support


Guidelines and Regulations
Per Army Regulation 360-1 the Utah National Guard is unable to participate in fundraising events of non-federal entities outside of the exemptions listed under section 3-2, DOD 5500.7-R and AR 600-29.

Additionally, the event must be open to the general public. If these requirements are not met, providing support could be viewed as an implied endorsement of a non- federal entity contractor.

A customer may be responsible for some costs of support. Reimbursement for support will be handled on a case-by-case basis. You will be notified prior to receiving support if reimbursement is required.

Request Military Support
To increase public awareness and understanding of the Utah National Guard's state and federal missions, all efforts are made to support legal requests for assistance, however regulatory guidance specifies the type of the support we may provide. Instructions for requesting assistance can be found below.

Contact Information

Please keep in mind that the National Guard is mostly a part-time force training and serving our communities, state, and nation in times of need. We try to fill as many of these requests as possible, however, operational commitments take priority and may supersede a request with little advance notice. All requests for assistance must be submitted on the proper Department of Defense form, which you will find listed above. When requesting support from the Utah National Guard, the required form(s) may be e-mailed or mailed to:

Utah National Guard ATTN: Community Support
12953 South Minuteman Drive Draper, UT 84020-9286


Military Support Request Process

Non – Aerial Support


You may request military participation such as the 23rd Army Band, color guard, displays of military equipment, etc., using a DD Form 2536 Request for Armed Forces Participation in Public Events.

Aerial Support Process


Utah Army National Guard flyover requests require an exception to policy. To start the official request process for flyovers or air shows, fill out a DD Form 2535 Request for Military Aerial Support and submit to the Utah National Guard 120 days prior to the event.

Please ensure the following sections and boxes are completed before submitting your request to the Utah National Guard. Doing so will help expedite the request process.

  • Section II (2), Box 6a, Projected Attendance: Cannot be left blank.
  • Section IV (4): Federal Aviation Administration Coordination. ** It is the requester’s responsibility to receive FAA approval. To find an FAA flight standards office in your area, go to: http://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/field_offices/fsdo
  • Section V (5), Boxes a – j: Each box must be initialed.
  • Section VII (6), Box 25a: If digitally signed, it must have a digital date stamp.

‚ÄčA cursory review of your request by a Community Support specialist will occur before the request is forwarded to National Guard Bureau in Washington, D.C. (1) the Staff Judge Advocate review, (2) the U.S. Property and Fiscal Accounting Office review, (3) and an authorization memo signed by The Adjutant General of Utah. If your request is deemed not authorized by military regulations or unsupportable at this point, you will be notified by email or phone.

Unit Acceptance

After being classified as an approved and supportable request, your request will be referred to a Utah National Guard unit that possesses the asset(s) you are requesting. Even though a request is deemed legal, support is still dependent upon the availability of personnel/equipment and it may not conflict with regularly scheduled training or missions. Once the unit has advised the Community Support section of acceptance and ability to execute the mission, you will be contacted directly by the supporting unit. Please provide an e-mail address for further communications. Due to high demand and limited resources, all accepted support requests are still considered tentative until executed.

Following an Event

As a condition of support, please mail or e-mail us a follow-up letter with the total attendance at your event and any feedback you have on the support that was provided, to include the handling and processing of your request.

Armory Rental

Download, fill out and email the form below to


or call 801-432-4615

Armory Rental: $100 per hour
$25 Security Attendant