Holistic Health and Fitness


“The H2F System is comprised of five critical elements: governance, program, equipment and facilities, personnel, and leader education. These elements are essential to the future success of Army readiness. They ensure and sustain Soldier readiness. These elements are driven by three governing principles: optimization, individualization, and immersion."

FM 7-22 OCT 2020

Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) System


The Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) System is the new approach the Army is taking to address major issues that have resulted from decades at war. It bridges the gaps left by traditionally separate realms to create a more flexible and lethal force. The system approaches health and fitness by empowering Soldiers to take care of themselves from the ground up. This idea is meant to change the culture of reaction, into a culture of prevention. This will ensure Soldiers stay ahead of their problems and result in lower numbers of medically incapable Soldiers. H2F consists of five Domains; Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Sleep, and Nutrition.




The overarching goal of the Physical domain is movement lethality. Tactical athletes require a range of skills from speed, strength, muscular endurance, and endurance. This ensures that Soldiers are physically capable and resilient to injury. The ability to tolerate physical stress correlates directly with mental toughness. The ACFT is a small part of H2F where Soldiers are now expected to train as athletes negotiating complex battlefields.

POC: SSG White, Mark D.   email: mark.d.white62.mil@army.mil




 "Mental readiness is the ability to meet the mental demands of any combat or duty position, adapt successfully in the presence of extreme risk and adversity, accomplish the mission, and continue to fight and win." (FM 7-22). UTNG Soldiers will require a more adaptable mindset to meet the demands of future battles. Incorporating the cognitive skills specialists will be paramount in ensuring Soldiers are ready and able.

POC: Sarah Larmore  email: sarah.l.larmore.civ@army.mil
POC: Caroline Searcy  email: caroline.a.searcy.civ@army.mil




"Spiritual readiness includes an individual's or group's ability to maintain beliefs, principles, and values needed to provide support in times of stress. These personal qualities may come from religious, philosophical or human values, and often form the basis for character, disposition, decision making, and integrity." (FM7-22).

POC: Chaplains Office 1(800)733-4409

Read Chaplain Gene Whitmore's 2022 Holiday Message Here.




Sleep is a critical requirement for brain health and function. Sleep readiness is the ability to recognize and implement the requisite sleep principles and behaviors to support optimal brain function. In turn, sleep readiness underpins a Soldier's ability to meet the physical and nonphysical demands of any duty or combat position, accomplish the mission, and continue to fight and win. Sleep controls the Soldier's ability to recover both mentally and physically. Paired with civilian sectors, such as the University of Utah, H2F in the UTNG could have the ability to analyze and correct poor sleep habits.




For Soldiers to perform optimally as well as recover, they need proper nutrition. The National Guard as a whole faces this problem as many Soldiers do not have the proper training. The U.S. is estimated to surpass 42 percent obesity rates by 2030. This will severely limit the recruiting pool that the National Guard and Active components have. Utilizing registered dieticians will enable Soldiers to be ahead of the trend and ensure that a cultural shift impacts Soldiers, families, and communities.



The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)

The Army Combat Fitness Test will prepare Utah National Guard Soldiers for the demands of combat. The ACFT went into effect April 1, 2022, as the for-record graded test.


The ACFT is the physical component of the Army's Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) System to train Soldiers through physical readiness, appropriate nutrition, quality sleep, and other preventive care, to reduce injuries, be combat-ready and live a healthier lifestyle.


The ACFT consists of the following six events:

  • Repetition Strength Deadlift;
  • Standing Power Throw;
  • Arm Extension Push-Up;
  • 250-Meter Sprint, Drag, Carry;
  • Plank;
  • The 2-mile Run.


The Army aims to increase readiness by training and assessing the physical capacity of Soldiers to perform common warfighting tasks.  Let's lean forward on this effort. 

The Army Combat Fitness Test will better connect fitness with combat readiness for all Soldiers by

  • Improving Soldier and unit readiness
  • Transforming the Army's fitness culture
  • Reducing preventable injuries and attrition
  • Enhancing mental toughness and stamina


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