Reason #1: Hiring managers and recruiters are on LinkedIn.  Attention full-time job seekers: 94% of recruiters say they use LinkedIn to find candidates. (Some research has  found up to 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn). Yet the 2014 Jobvite study discovered that while 94% of recruiters are on LinkedIn, only 36% of job seekers are.

Reason #2: People are no longer getting jobs the old-fashioned way. According to a San Francisco Fed paper highlighted at The Wall Street Journal (paywall), researchers discovered that 75% of those who get new jobs have not been actively looking or even applying to jobs in the last three months. This means one of two things: they were referred, or they were headhunted.

Reason #3: Recruiters (and hiring managers) use LinkedIn to discover talent. Not only are these people on LinkedIn; they are also using it to discover new talent.

Reason #4: Your LinkedIn profile helps build trust. Building trust is important for anyone: full-time career chasers, freelancers, and small business owners alike.

Reason #5: It's what potential employers and clients will see when they Google your name. If you apply to a job anywhere, there is a 80% chance they will Google your name. (In fact, it's probably higher now since that research is from 2014.)

Reason #6: Collect endorsements and recommendations. LinkedIn allows you to be endorsed for skills, as well as have bosses and colleagues give you recommendations. (Think of them as testimonials.)

Reason #7: LinkedIn is the ultimate personal branding tool. Pay attention, aspiring business owners and startup founders: your personal brand is everything.

Reason #8: Cultivate a network now that you can tap into later. Even if you're happy at your job, you still need a LinkedIn presence. We all know how suddenly things can go awry. And what will you do then?

Reason #9: Build stronger relationships and "spy" on companies you want to work for. Meet someone at a Meetup or industry event? It's totally cool to connect with them on LinkedIn afterwards. (In some ways, it's even expected.)

Reason #10: LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for gaining website traffic and leads. If you're interested in generating website traffic (bloggers, aspiring business owners, startup founders), LinkedIn is more effective than other social media sources. LinkedIn is responsible for a shocking 64% of all visits from social media  channels to corporate websites.

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