Utah National Guard trains for wild fire season with local partners May19, 2022, at Camp Williams, Utah.
Region VIII Homeland Response Force holds ribbon cutting for Collapsed Structure Venue Site
MG Michael Turley
Soldier rappels on side of building with dummy attached simulating a casualty
Concrete debris in an enclosed structure simulating a collapsed building
the front end of a car in a small room simulating a crushed car
A line of people cut a red ribbon in a ceremony.
A soldier uses a sledge hammer to pond and opening in a concrete barrier
A soldier uses a hose to spray water on a concrete saw being used by another soldier cutting through a concrete barrier.
Five soldiers exercising on a field.
Soldiers ruck march down a dirt road.
One Soldier directs another soldier.
Soldiers stand around a sand map.
Soldiers work on helicopter
A veteran Marine gives a medal to family members of deceased Soldier.
An honor guard soldier hands the American flag to the family of a deceased soldier.
Uniformed veterans and an honor guard soldier salute the American flag draped casket of a deceased soldier.
Two peolple pay respects to a flag draped coffin placed in a hearst.
Honor Guard performs an Honorable Carry of a flag draped coffin.
Minuteman 2022 Vol 1